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COACH Create new custom service

Posted OnAugust 31, 2018 13:31

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Refuse to be stereotyped, as long as it is unique. COACH Create’s new custom service is now fully open, providing a customized, personalized, accessorized re-creation stage. Fancy play bag, for you to create a new personality style!

COACH’s new customized service lets you add “material” to your bag and explore the brand’s iconic decorative elements. COACH Classic Leather Tea Rose is decorated with colorful colors and various flower patterns, giving the handbag a unique romantic and exquisite aesthetic feeling. Adorned with cool nails, luxurious and gorgeous gems, they shine brilliantly. Replace any COACH brand-new chrome shoulder strap, whether it’s a romantic rose or a chic chain, and you’ll find it in the style you want. Other accessories such as scarves and pendants can be selected.

In addition, COACH Create also provides personalized alphabet imprinting service, which can be imprinted on handbags or leather goods. Create infinite wonderful with limited letters, so that the bag will become your fashion manifesto. Adorn with a cute cartoon seal, showing your attitude.

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