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Posted OnAugust 31, 2018 13:29

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Tapestry is often used as a home decoration. A two-to-three-month survey commissioned by Pinterest Group, a brand company, Carbone Smolan Agence, selected dozens of choices from thousands of names and finally chose the name.

The word is a good metaphor for expressing our belief that by combining separate colored threads, we eventually create a whole pattern. Victor Luis, chairman of Coach group, said in an interview with New York Times. In addition, he emphasized that the group attached great importance to diversification:

We embrace diversity, whether in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation or belief. This aspect may also be reflected in the composition of the group. So far, all three of the group’s brands are American, but Luis says they are also happy to consider buying European and Asian brands. This is different from some brands that emphasize production countries.

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