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Coach dark Fairy Tale series

Posted OnAugust 31, 2018 13:27

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Since the announcement of the transformation in June 2014, Coach’s logo products have rarely been seen in people’s eyes. It was not until the fashion week of New York in September 2017 that logo returned with the 2018 spring and summer series.

Coach’s most impressive C logo was actually the product of the first transformation of the brand in the 1990s and was a major contributor to boosting sales at the time.

The Coch, born in 1941, was first run by six professional tanners and opened up the market with high quality and functionality. Since the 1990s, Coach has been seized a lot of market share by LV, Prada and other brands because of the lack of prominent brand image and advertising marketing. 1995 is a turning point. With the advent of the new chairman and CEO Lew Frankfort, Coach has gained some hope. He put more emphasis on the emotional needs of consumers and put forward the positioning of “luxury goods at hand”.